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This is Only a Test

December 1, 2011

On the other side of the wooded buffer, behind our subdivision, is a failed subdivision development. There are absolutely no houses, just a paved road, large pond and plenty of people-free and traffic-free room to quietly walk the dogs. Today, I took Olivia on my daily dog-pack walk. When we arrived on the other side of the woods, I thought it might be a good area to let Olivia walk without holding my hand.

Can she follow me?

I called her name. “Olivia!! Olivia!!! Follow mommy!”

To my dismay, Olivia laughed and turned around and started walking in the opposite direction. Darn kid.

Wrong way, Olivia!

Someone needs to stop that child!

and….. she kept walking…. sigh, what am I going to do with this kid?

Darn kid!


Here’s One for Jamie Oliver

December 1, 2011

At the beginning of the school year, Olivia’s teacher requested we send in snacks every day in addition to sending lunch so the kids could have an afternoon snack. I typically send a granola bar or specifically Clif bars and a gatorade or bottle of water. Being the often absent-minded mom, I occasionally forget to throw the snack into the backpack at 7:00am. To overcome my shortfall a few weeks ago, I purchased a large box of Clif bars and a couple clusters of Gatorade bottles and took them to Olivia’s teacher to keep in Olivia’s cubby.

Yesterday, I went to pick up Olivia and the teacher walked out, handed over the large grocery bag containing the Clif bars and Gatorade and asked “can’t she ever have chips or something?”

I was baffled and speechless! (another shortfall of mine is to stand stunned when people surprise me with stupidity.) She said Olivia won’t eat the Clif bars because all the other kids have chips “and stuff”. I responded that Olivia wasn’t forbidden from having chips but that I preferred she did not eat things like that on a daily basis. As the teacher stood looking at me with her smug facial expression, I just walked away terribly confused.

The Face of Lazy

October 6, 2011

This is the face of my lazy child at 6:50am. Sprawled out on the livingroom floor, not the least bit interested in getting ready for school. If only she had listened to me when I said “go to sleep,” last night!


Incredible. Must Watch.

October 17, 2010

This is incredible, I am in tears. Grab your children and hold them tight!

Heck, it’s Friday! Phew!

October 15, 2010

What a week, I mean, what… a… week! Monday and Tuesday were “fall break” at my school. Yeah, right! Not for me! I had a virology exam on Wednesday and a molecular development exam this morning. So, what did I do for MY “fall break”? Study. Throw in three kids, and well you get the picture. It’s 3:15pm on Friday, do you think it’s too early to crawl in bed? Nah! But, before I go, I swiped this histerical video from the facebook circle. Enjoy!

For The Grandparents

October 10, 2010

We had a wonderful, awesome, busy weekend. Soccer games, cafe at Forsyth park, playing at Forsyth Park, Leopold’s Ice Cream, walking around downtown, strolling down to river street, Savannah Bee Company, Studying, watching movies, Krispy Kreme, picnic and exploring at Fort Mcallister. Whew! I’m tired!

Is it Monday yet?

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For the Love of Your Nerd Child

August 9, 2010

I have a nerd child. He is a monster that I have encouraged. He is inquisitive and hungry for knowledge. He is highly conversational, said his first word at 10 months of age, and never stopped talking. I quit tracking his list of baby words after approximately 15 months of age. Fortunately for him, he has a mama who panders to his knowledge quest. When he asked how rain is formed, I tried to explain in terms of particles. HAH! I didn’t really know the answer, and we were in the car so I tried the best possible answer. I explained that water particles get really excited and move around a lot and they need more room ’cause they’re bumping all around, “dancing”, and they move up into the atmosphere and then condense and fall back down as rain. He was tickled by the “dancing” particles explanation, and I made him “repeat after me, b-r-o-w-n-i-a-n motion.”

We often talk about chemistry, to the best of my biologist-brained ability. Hence, I have been searching for a child-friendly version of the periodic table. While my kids were visiting their father this weekend, I strolled through Barnes and Noble and stumbled upon a great little series of books, each one dedicated to a subject of science. The authors are Simon Basher and Dan Green. The characters and illustrations are whimsical and vibrant, I find them to be enjoyable to read myself! Each book also has a glossy poster, most importantly the Periodic Table book includes a periodic table poster. yay! I purchased Physics, Chemistry, and Periodic Table. If you are in search of material to feed to your nerd-monster, I highly recommend you search this series.

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