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Balls in the Air

December 5, 2011

Did I mention I am a “jack-of-all-trades”? (master of none? LOL) Mom, student, daughter, girlfriend? Hmmm, yeah… I recall many years ago my mother warned me that the baby years were the easiest and that as the kids get older they end up needing you more. Well, as usual, my mother was right. Seems like every year my kids get older there are more and more responsibilities and obligations. Soccer, homework, ballet, etc. The past year has been balls-to-the-wall (yes, I am female and yes, I can use that phrase!) heavy with chauffeuring kids around town and all-the-while keeping them healthy, clean, fed.

Tonight, Olivia had a little tantrum. Like my usual autism-protocol, I ran through the possible causes. I took Olivia to the bathroom, fed her AGAIN, gave her more DRINK, cleaned her up, offered more of whatever she wanted. All that was apparently not an instant cure for her meltdown. I thought, well maybe she’s mad because her brother is not here tonight…. maybe she’s mad because I went into my bedroom without her. I tried to cajole her into calming down, unfortunately that was without an effect. Finally, I just laid her in her bed, and snuck away to the opposite side of the house. It’s been about 20 minutes, now, and she’s finally quiet. Phew! Now, it’s time to torture myself with some wildly interesting journal-reading for my genetics class.


This is how I feel about THAT:

"Just do it, just do it, just do it...."


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