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For The Grandparents

October 10, 2010

We had a wonderful, awesome, busy weekend. Soccer games, cafe at Forsyth park, playing at Forsyth Park, Leopold’s Ice Cream, walking around downtown, strolling down to river street, Savannah Bee Company, Studying, watching movies, Krispy Kreme, picnic and exploring at Fort Mcallister. Whew! I’m tired!

Is it Monday yet?

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  1. October 14, 2010 10:09 am

    I always enjoy your eye for photography. Hopefully, you are civil at the soccer games. Our older boy gets embarrassed when his mom cheers too loud–I usually only see parts of his games since I am always playing with our youngest (the fellow with PDD-NOS).

    Enjoy your weekend and I hope your semester is going well.

    • fayezie permalink*
      October 14, 2010 11:08 am

      LOL, yes I am very civil at the soccer games. I think it can only be confusing to the young athletes if parents are constantly yelling. The kids are supposed to listen to their coach, you know? In addition, my son’s coach begged the parents to be nice at the games, as apparently there were some noisy parents present a few weeks ago.

      I was pleasantly surprised last weekend when my autistic daughter sat very nicely during the games. phew! she only pinched one stranger the whole time!

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