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The Brief

August 27, 2009

Wow-Wee! If you only knew the whirl-storm I have weathered over the past week.

I moved. Our house closed on Monday (another story opp. ha ha, oh wonderfully uncooperative ex-spouse), naturally one of those things you must do as part of a divorce.

I moved out of the house over the weekend, and into a lovely brand new “resort-style” apartment complex that is virtually in my parents’ backyard. My parents yard faces a lagoon across from which is a small natural development barrier, and then their neighborhood’s fence/gate. (Yes, I am of lower-class so I must reside outside of the gated community. 🙂 ) My apartment sits on the southwest corner of its building, and so from the balcony or my master bedroom you can see mom and dad’s house. And no, I’m not freakishly trying to spy on my parents, and nor are they. but, it is cool, and it is nice to simply be close, and the kids are tickled by the fact that we live near grandma and grandpa.

So, the movers showed up at my house on Saturday morning at 8:45am, and clocked out at the apartment at 6:00pm. I had NO IDEA it would take all darned day.

Then, I had to go back to the house on Sunday to grab the last bit of extras, including lamps, and spent all day cleaning and prepping the house for closing and walk-through on Monday morning.

My children have survived beautifully. They spent Saturday and Sunday night at my parents’. Thank goodness! I am so thankful my mother convinced me that she should watch the kids while I dealt with the movers, etc.

I am taking my time with the labyrinth of boxes in the apartment. My goodness, I had to downsize! It is tough. I also went from 4 bedrooms to 3, and in the old house I had the 4th bedroom set up as an office. So, the trick has been figuring out how to carve out an “office”/study niche in this smaller space, and make it liveable too. It’s coming along, slowly but surely. I also made it a priority to at least get the kids’ rooms set up so that they could feel secure in the new place. They have taken to it very nicely. Even considering the chaos of boxes throughout the apartment, Olivia has transitioned VERY nicely. Several people asked during the weeks leading into this move how I thought Olivia would handle the move, (oh they also asked about the other two kids). And to tell you the truth, Mama-bear instinct knew that she and her siblings would be fine. They have all their same “stuff”, the girls’ bedroom is configured almost identical to the way it was at the old house, and ummmmmm….. let’s not forget the most important part…. Mommy is there.

Last evening, I set up the patio chairs and table on our very large, corner balcony. I even brought out one of my collected vintage table cloths, some throw pillows, and put a candle in a little lantern that I’ve had for ages… The kids sat with me and we just took in the evening, they in their pajamas, oh heck I was even in my own nightgown, and we just relaxed as the sun went down and the lantern’s glow grew warmer and brighter with the darkening sky.

This balcony concept is a nice and exciting new experience for us. Reason is that our old backyard was NOT fenced-in, and with Olivia’s wandering habits, not to mention her affinity for eating vegetation, sitting out on the back patio just never happened. Besides, it wasn’t covered. I do have some of my potted annuals on the new balcony, and they are very tempting for Olivia, but I see having just a few “tempting” plants within reach as a learning opportunity.

Next week, Jackson begins real official Georgia-lottery funded pre-k. The best part is that it is at the same school that the kids have been attending.

In addition, Olivia will be having a little more integration with the pre-k classes. It will not take away from her 1:1 special instruction, but how does a kid learn to sit for circle time unless you take her and show her?

Josephine keeps growing. (break a mama’s heart). In clearing through clutter at the old house, I found some boxes of old Olivia clothes that I had stored away. Talk about striking gold! It was loaded with Oshkosh and Gap and Gymboree clothes, all size 3T. Miss Josephine is only 2, but she’s a big girl and can easily wear 3T. Her speech is improving rapidly too, and each time I hear a new word out of her it strikes that baby-growing-up-chord.

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  1. August 30, 2009 9:14 pm

    Congrats on the new place and being closer to the kin.

    We moved up here 9 years ago and our grand plan was to move to move closer to the Mrs. mom and dad shortly thereafter. We have not moved since and are still 2 hours away. Funny how things happen and don’t happen.

  2. September 13, 2009 4:27 pm

    It’s so good to move on. We must have thrown away half of our stuff when we moved from SF to Maryland. We moved to a bigger place, but frankly, it was just stuff, and stuff I no longer wanted. It was a great move, but harder on my NT kid than on Jon, who knew?

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